Lucky Zero #3327

Lucky Zero #3327

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The Lucky Zeros NFT project is the inaugural featured collection from Purebase Studios launched by our resident artist Lucky. The project kicks off Purebase’s launch as an exclusive NFT/Blockchain studio. It also critically establishes the Purebase community. Lucky Zeros are 3,333 cute animals with unique traits, characteristics, and dispositions.


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0x370ea4f0226648ff438c3860cd8555b82fc4bfea 0x370ea4f0226648ff438c3860cd8555b82fc4bfea No יום חמישי, יולי 18th, 2024 ETH 1.00 ETH
Background Grey
Body Pink
Clothes Dress - Grapes
Goods Lollipop
Hat Beach Hat
Animal Dog
Face Happy
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